Some of the questions our clients are asking us. We thought that we would be proactive by providing them to you.

How Long Does the Search Process Take?

Excellent question.  This is a candidate driven market and most GOOD candidates will have multiple offers.  So, when we identify a short list of candidates and present them to our clients we are expecting that our clients are working as expeditiously as possible to get the candidate through their interview process.

Will you help us streamline our interview process?

Absolutely, you are not the first person or company to ask our assistance in this effort. But it will require the buy-in from your Human Resources group and Management. We are all working toward the same goal and want the candidate and our clients to have a good experience in the hiring process.

What is your recruitment process?

Our process involves a six step process:

Step 1: Speaking with our client and understanding the nuances of the job request.

Step 2: Sourcing candidates from target companies.

Step 3: Performing behavioral and technical interviews and building a short list of candidates.

Step 4: Present candidates to interview with our clients.

Step 5: Present the job offer the candidate that was selected.

Step 6. Work with our clients’ Human Resources  group to make sure the candidate is on-boarded smoothly.

Are you a retained or a contingent recruitment firm?

blueStone Recruiting is an IT contingent recruitment firm specializing in providing Information Technology resources at the Director level and below.

Where do you find your candidates?

blueStone Recruiting finds 96% of its candidates through networking and referrals. That is why we have a candidate retention rate of over 98% after three years. The industry average is only 80%. We would be lying if we said we never used job boards. What we can say is that only 4% of all of our candidates sourced come from job boards. That is probably why our candidate retention rate is so high.  Before you choose blueStone Recruiting we ask you to ask your other recruiters where they get their candidates from, and see what they say. We have the data to prove our claim – do they?

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