ERP Systems Division

ERP Systems Division

While some folks hate to say “been there, done that”, we take pride in it. Having worked ourselves in ERP software related roles, we can better understand your SAP jobs, Oracle jobs or any other ERP jobs around.

From SAP MM and SD to MFG Pro \ QAD, we have recruited for nearly all ERP systems for functional and technical positions. Do not let your integrator walk out the door with all of the knowledge gained at your expense. Build out your team with the new talent to grow and shape the department. If that is what you are trying to do then you came to the right ERP recruitment firm.

The proof is in the pudding. On average it takes our clients just three candidates to find the right fit. More importantly, 98% of the people they hire stay.

Roles that we have filled

Solutions Architect
SAP & Oracle Architects
JDE & JDA Architects
QAD Architects
Plex Systems Analysts
PeopleSoft Architects
ERP Project Managers
NetSuite Analysts

ERP Systems Division

As the leader of the Infrastructure Division, Nadine Stangas is tasked with finding and presenting the best talent in their divisions to our clients. Some of the most recent roles have been Solutions Architect, QAD Architect, and Oracle Architect.

Find out more about Nadine Stangas.

If you have any questions or comments regarding our Infrastructure Division, feel free to reach out.

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