Cyber Security Division

Cyber Security Divison

With over 220,000 open Cyber Security jobs posted within the United States. Cyber Security is the hottest field today. Given the very real possibility for massive financial losses and serious legal ramifications in the event of a cyber security breach, it’s no surprise that CIOs consider Cyber Security attacks a very real and serious threat. blueStone Recruiting’s Cyber Security Division understands the challenges an organization faces today protecting themselves from internal AND external Cyber threats and attacks. The need to hire the best security talent is essential.

Cyber Security jobs can take 36 percent longer to fill than all other job postings. It may be a while before the supply catches up to the demand. In the US, employers posted 50,000 jobs requesting CISSP in the last six months, recruiting from a pool of only 60,000 CISSP holders. So, if you don’t have a cyber security recruiting problem, then you probably have a cyber security retention problem.

Roles that we have filled

Security Analyst
Incident Responder
Malware Analyst
Security Architect
Penetration Tester
Network Engineer
Security Auditor
Forensic Analyst
Vulnerability Security Engineer

Cyber Security Division

Bill Bonifacic leads the team responsible for cyber security recruitment in the Midwest. His team will be recruiting for roles such as: security engineers, security analysts and managers, IT Auditors, and Chief Information Security Officers.

Recently Bill has been contributing to articles on the cyber security industry. Read the latest article written by Jeff Kauflin of Forbes.

Find out more about Bill Bonifacic.

If you have any questions or comments regarding our Cyber Security Division, feel free to reach out.

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