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blueStone Recruiting is a full-service technology IT recruiting firm that specializes in providing technology talent to Fortune 1000 companies.

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Information Technology Recruiting

Information Technology recruiting that delivers innovative, experienced talent when you need it

First and foremost we drive business results by supplying the best Information Technology (IT) talent in the industry to our clients. The IT industry continues to both shape the world and be transformed by IT. From Mobile Application Development and ERP systems to Cybersecurity and Big Data, few industries change what they do and how they do it more rapidly, and few have to adapt to these changes just as quickly in order to succeed.

In information technology recruiting time is of the essence, perhaps more than in any other industry. Whether you need top talent for an internal IT organization or are a technology provider looking for the industry’s best, our information technology recruiters understand how quickly the competitive parameters can shift, and we effectively and efficiently drive business results.

You need the people. We find the people.

To experience the difference that our recruiters can make for your permanent placement needs, call 888.363.4800.

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Application Development

Some people claim they invented the internet. We only claim to find the people that have improved it. We know the people to help you get your Business or Web App off the ground.

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Big Data Solutions

Do you need people who know how to connect the Big Data Dots together with Hadoop, Tableau, Skytree, or Karmasphere? Well if you do, click the button below.

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Mobile Development

Mobile commerce is the way a new generation is connecting to your company.  Don’t fall behind your competition. Let’s get the people on your team to make you mobile.

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Don’t be the next company to make the news because of a data breach that could have been avoided. Let us help you build your team of Cybersecurity specialists.

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ERP Systems

Are you concerned that when the consultants leave that all of the knowledge will be leaving with them? Let us help you find qualified ERP specialists for your organization.

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We know where the certified Cisco, Watchguard, and Barracuda are hiding and can move them over to your organization.

How we Bring Talent and Clients Together

Market View

Technology leaders face considerable technical, operational, and managerial challenges. Among them are intense competition for talent, the pace of product innovation, globalization, and changing platforms and business models requires skill sets that may not be present in every company. As the complexity of these challenges escalates, many companies have turned to blueStone Recruiting to help them attract the right talent.

Armed with an in-depth understanding of information technology and engaging our exceptional network of connections across the industry, our Information Technology recruiting experts can expeditiously deliver technology professionals who have both superior interpersonal skills and strong technical capabilities. Unlike many of our competitors we specialize only in providing the best and innovative talent in Information Technology.

Like many in technology, we are innovators as well. Through market data, analytics, and consistent and candid communication, our information technology recruiters drive lasting results for our clients.

Client View

We believe in specialization the same as our clients. Our recruiters are subject matter experts in their discipline, whether it be Cybersecurity, Big Data, Applications Development, Mobile Development, ERP, or Infrastructure and Networking. Our recruiters specialize in the areas similar to how IT departments are organized.

Consider the experience of one of our clients, a leading retailer. Recently the CIO at the company turned to our Cybersecurity division to help them find the top talent in the industry to establish a new, Cybersecurity team. The key to this new unit’s success would be finding the best person possible to lead the team and serve as Director. The new Director would be charged with establishing the technical and strategic framework of the unit and aggressively managing the hiring of the entire team.

blueStone Recruiting’s Cybersecurity recruiters immediately began by researching both the company and the highly competitive Cybersecurity local market. After understanding the strategic context for both and the complete details of the entire group, we quickly and efficiently located the ideal candidate within a few weeks. He, in turn, worked in partnership with us to recruit and hire the remaining members of the team.

blueStone Recruiting’s Cybersecurity recruiters had helped this company launch an entirely new Cybersecurity team to help protect the company from future threats.

That’s the type of technology recruiting performance you can expect from blueStone Recruiting.

Why Employers Engage Us

At blueStone Recruiting, our staff utilizes recruiting’s best practices to build solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. We maintain in depth knowledge of the IT marketplace and employ multiple talent acquisition strategies to compliment the needs of each client. We leverage traditional principals such as direct recruiting, competitor mapping, and referral networking to build technology based talent pools. Our prospective candidates are selectively screened against our clients requirements to deliver superior value with a focus on impacting the bottom line.

Why Candidate's Prefer Us

Adding value our clients rely on, our IT recruiters’ ability to provide talent acquisition solutions and candidates that would otherwise be unavailable through typical recruiting strategies. Candidates choose us as preferred partners because we serve the needs of both our client partners and candidates. We understand that to facilitate change and become a trusted adviser we must serve as both recruiter and career adviser assisting our candidates in everything from resume reviews to the improvement of candidate interview skills. No two companies are alike and neither should their talent acquisition strategy.

IT Recruiting Done Right


Finding the right person takes time. Something you don’t have. You need that position filled yesterday, and time-to-fill metrics are rising. Plus, you need hard and soft skills, a culture and personality fit, and certainty that the right person will accept your offer and show up on Monday. blueStone understands. One of our co-founders was an HR executive. The other was a Big 4 IT leader. Together, we know how to make your job easier.


Our 99% client retention rate says it all. It proves that we work harder to support our clients and candidates. We’ll thoroughly examine your opportunity from every angle. The more we know about the specific job, hiring manager, career path, personalities, work environment, leadership style, culture, company vision, benefits and other intangibles, the faster and more accurately we can enhance your business performance.


When was the last time a recruiter took your calls and emails early in the morning or late at night? Or used innovative ways to solve your complex IT challenges? What about bringing you solid candidates wherever you need them—nearby, across the country or around the world? Set up a convenient payment arrangement? Whatever your needs, and however they may change, we’ll surprise you with our flexibility.

What Other People Say About us

  • blueStone Recruiting took the time to understand my qualifications, experiences, and future career goals. Many other recruiters just want your resume for their database and don’t really focus on the right fit. blueStone Recruiting placed me in a company and culture that turned out to be a perfect match! I would definitely work with them in the future. She is the best technical recruiter that I have ever worked with.

    CandidateManager of Application Development
  • I’ve worked with blueStone Recruiting twice to recruit an important hard to find technical architect position. Both times, I’ve had terrific candidates to choose from. The do an exceptional job of matching the candidates’ resume and skills to those needed in the job. They are a pleasure to work with. I’d certainly turn to them again when the need arisees. blueStone Recruiting has been one of the best IT technical recruiting firms that I have ever worked with.

    CTOFortune 500 Consumer Products Company
  • The relationship value, the attention to detail and the turnaround time far surpasses any other IT recruiting firm that I have worked with. Regardless of where I work, blueStone Recruiting is going to be my first phone call!

    PartnerCybersecurity Consulting Firm
  • blueStone’s commitment to servicing customers is unique today and very refreshing.

    Talent Acquisition VPFortune 500 Retailer

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